Nautical Ease Polish/ Cleaner

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"What makes NAUTICAL EASE POLISH/CLEANER unique compared to all other products?"

Boaters are raving about this amazing almost effortless product.

What nobody ever tells you about wax.
It’s no secret; most all polishes on the market today contain carnauba wax. What’s the problem with that you ask? Carnauba wax means hard rubbing! Carnauba wax based products dry to a thick haze that requires a lot of hard rubbing to buff off. Wax has to be buffed off immediately. If you wait too long to take it off, it will be twice as hard to remove because it sets up. That’s just the nature of wax!

No more back breaking polishing for me!
Well, let me introduce Nautical Ease Polish with its innovative silicone formulation that’s not a wax. Since Nautical Ease uses a silicone base, it dries to a very thin "no sweat to remove" layer…a radical departure from wax. That means you won’t have to kill yourself to get the stuff off. In fact, a 4 year old child buffing with his favorite blanket can wipe this product off like nothing! We’ve watched them do it. Not much muscle required, obviously!

Shiny boat in HALF the time!
The long overdue silicone formulation in Nautical Ease Polish dries to a very light haze that wipes off EASILY. In an actual test, 3 coats of Nautical Ease Polish were applied in the same time that it took to apply just 1 coat of a carnauba wax based product. Since it’s so easy to remove, your polish time will be cut in half with a lot less muscle involved! Oh, and by the way, actual tests have shown that if you don’t wipe it off for as long as one year, it still dusts off with virtually no hard pressure. (Try that with wax and you’ll be lucky to get it off.) Whether you’re an avid boater, weekend enthusiast, or just down right obsessed with the appearance of your boat, I’m sure you’d rather have more time enjoying your boat than cleaning and waxing, right?! Don’t take my word for it, try it and compare.

It seems incredible, but virtually no white powder!
If you’re tired of the dusty white powder from that thick wax residue that fills up towel after towel and cakes around decals and other trim, you’ll love the fact that our unique product was formulated to leave virtually no powder residue. Not only do you not have to take extra time brushing powder from around decals and trim, Nautical Ease Polish is also safe for use on decals and actually helps prevent fading. In fact some polishes can‘t be used over decals…read their labels

Is Your Boat’s Finish Something to Brag About?

"Boaters stop me on the water to ask how I get my boat that shiny!"
If people aren’t noticing how awesome your boat looks, you’re probably using carnauba wax. Many products will give you a shine. But it’s that shine that has depth that makes your boat stand out from the rest. Side by side comparison reflection tests were done between carnauba wax and Nautical Ease Polish. The Nautical Ease test side revealed mirror-like results, with reflections that were more crisp and clear compared to the hazy-like reflections of the wax. That’s why when you use Nautical Ease Polish you’ll get asked, "What are you using on your boat?"

Awesome shine in half the time!
Nautical Ease Polish goes beyond a shine, giving you a deep glass like finish. You know that "show car" finish. Every coat of Nautical Ease silicone based polish builds a deeper and deeper glass like shine. With this easy to use polish you’ll get all this shine in a third of the time it takes to put one coat of wax on your boat. Why would you use wax?!

Where did the scratches go?
Look down the side of your boat and if you have been using rubbing compound, like most boaters do, you’ll see fine scratches. When you put several coats of Nautical Ease Polish on your boat, you automatically fill in scratches as you polish. As you build a deeper and deeper shine, fine scratches from rubbing compound and washing disappear. That’s just one bonus you get using our polish. Improve the look of your boat, get that glass like shine and get rid of scratches all in one easy step. Get that "brag about finish" that you just can’t get with wax.

Innovative Boat Finish Cleans and Shines in One Step.

Something you probably didn’t know about waxes and compounds.
Wax based products do not remove that haze layer or restore color to your boat’s finish. That’s why you need rubbing compound to clean your boat. However, if you repeatedly use an abrasive compound you are dulling the finish. It happens gradually, but you actually are destroying your boat’s finish and soon your boat doesn’t look as good as it used to.

SAFELY clean and shine in a half the time!
The high tech silicone formula of Nautical Ease polish restores luster and color by removing oxidation and dead wax with it’s built in cleaning ability comparable to medium grade rubbing compound WITHOUT the abrasive effect! Why risk damaging your boat’s finish? Every time you apply a coat of Nautical Ease polish, your boat finish is automatically cleaned AND polished…That’s ONE easy and SAFE step! Plus you can use it on surfaces where you can’t use other products, like glass, Plexiglas, clear plastic curtains and enclosures.

If you want a shine that lasts, you need to know what not to use.

Common ingredient that sabotages a boat shine.
Waxed based products break down quickly when exposed to soap, sun/heat, and the weather elements. Most boat products on the market today are carnauba wax based. Wax may give you an immediate shine, but get ready for short lived results! Most waxes are removed in just a couple washings. With wax it’s not unusual to see a haze, a whitish or milky looking finish start to show in just a short time after polishing…this is very common. So after all that work waxing your boat, you can do it all over again!

Key ingredient for lasting shine!
Through innovative technology, Nautical Ease polish brings you a lasting shine by way of our sophisticated silicone formula. Our silicone formula does not break down, wash off, or dissolve as easily as waxes, that means that it lasts longer. Nautical Ease polish has 2-3 times the life of wax products! The result of this difference means that you can actually spend more time enjoying your boat in the sun with a shine that’ll get noticed. That’s got to be better than waxing your boat…AGAIN!

Imagine…not worrying about fuel overflows ruining my boat’s finish!
Nautical Ease Polish is not affected by fuel, alcohol, ammonia, or a number of other chemicals. Nautical Ease will bead fuel just like it beads water. Not so with wax. Wax melts off instantly when touched with fuel. That’s why you see stain marks around fuel fill overflows.

Nautical Ease goes the Distance!
Nautical Ease Polish will give your boat twice as many coats of polish as most any other products. A pint of Nautical Ease Polish will do a 40 foot boat hull from water line to rub rail, not just once but twice. We know. We’ve done it and so have a lot of our big boat customers. It takes 2-4 bottles of our competitor’s products to cover the same area as ours. Now that makes ours the least expensive, doesn’t it? That’s if you’re talking price.

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