Super Duty fiberglass Cleaner

16oz. bottle
Retail Price: $9.99

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An oil-enriched aggressive compound used to remove light to extreme oxidation on fiberglass boats and also on cars. NAUTICAL EASE FIBERGLASS CLEANER contains 4 different compounds, each with a specific purpose to clean off the chalky look or oxidation quickly and easily. Also removes fine scratches on fiberglass and painted surfaces. Restores gel coat color to make your boat look its’ best.

Does not scratch gel coat like many other compounds as the cleaning particles slowly dissolve in stages and do not remain gritty . Can be used either with a wheel or by hand.

Oxidation is caused by a breakdown of boat wax or polish by the sun and heat. This white chalky substance needs to be removed before the finish coat is applied. NAUTICAL EASE FIBERGLASS CLEANER is the perfect product for this job.

To drastically cut back on the oxidation process do not use wax based polishes. Use NAUTICAL EASE ULTIMATE POLISH-CLEANER as it is not a waxed based product and therefore has a longer life and does not oxidize as easily .

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